Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Inspirational Imbolc ( Day 1 - Fab Feb)

I recently agreed to challenge set by Julie Phillips in her great blog Julie's Quest.

As February is the month of love, it was all about falling in love with your writing again.

I am guilty of not always making time to write. Today my pledge is that I will to do something every day that is connected to my writing. Some days it may be something very small, some days I may do something bigger but I will do something every day through February.

I am celebrating Imbolc today, the ancient Celtic festival of new beginnings, when things start to grow and light returns slowly after the cold and dark days of winter. As the lambs are born and snow drops peer their heads out of the frozen earth, you start to see new life appearing. It is a gradual process but it is the start of things warming up.

I see it like lighting a fire. At first, the flames are cool but then as you add to it, they start to grow, they respond to any attention such as more fuel or the odd poker to stir it up.

I think writing can be a bit like that. You may have a small flame of an idea in your head. You add a little kindling to it with a few scribbled notes, then suddenly it catches fire. You start to work on it, adding fuel in the form of words or illustrations and very soon you have something that one day may just set the world on fire ( well hopefully not literally)

So this is the start of my Fabulous February. I plan to make every day count and it's great that this year I have one an extra day to make things happen.


  1. Hey Diane,
    Ah yes, the month of February and thanks for reminding me in regards to Julie. It has been ages since I visited her wonderful blog.
    And with the extra day in February, you can 'leap' forward with renewed and enthusiastic love for your writing. Great stuff and happy, loving writing.
    In kindness, Gary

  2. Glad you're inspired, Di! Didn't Simon do a workshop on Falling in Love with your writing last Feb at Wrekin Writers? Any writing is better than none, I think, so it will be interesting to see what happens throughout the month.

    Hi, Gary - How are you?

    Julie xx

  3. Hi Gary, yes, I follow Julie's blog with much interest, she inspires me! I am looking forward to that extra day in February. It alsmost feels like we are being given an extra day of life to do with what we wish!

    Best wishes to you - Diane xx