Sunday, 19 February 2012

Look who's talking ( Week 3 - Fabulous February)

I have had another fun and productive writing week. This is all part of my 'Fabulous February' theme where I am trying to do something every day connected to my writing. I am pleased to say that I have managed to do just that. The highlight of the week was receiving a CD from Talking Newspaper for the blind. They produce CD's and cassettes for the blind or partially sighted and a while ago myself and Mom were interviewed by Robert Green from ESTN about our books.

It's such an honour to be part of something like this and although I cringe when hearing myself, (I tend to laugh a lot which could have been nerves) I do feel very proud to have done it.

I was very proud of my mother, Phyllis Blakemore too, she talks about her memories of Ironbridge and her book Gentlemen of the River - The last Coracle men of the Severn Gorge. She has a wonderful way of putting the listener right there. This CD is something I shall treasure as we are both on the same one.

I was also thrilled to learn that I had won one of the challenges from my Writing group Wrekin Writers. Every month we have a set challenge to write about a subject using only 100 words. To my amazement I won last months challenge and got a bit of prize money too. I never feel like my offering is good enough so it's great to have a boost in this way. Small things like this can be such an incentive and it keeps my motivation levels up. Sometimes it can be easy to give up, especially when you get rejections. I got another two this week but I didn't let it get to me and just re-pitched the idea to another editor.

I have lots of plans for the next few weeks. I want to pitch a few more articles, look at some competitions and study some fresh markets to approach. Here's hoping that by the end of February I will have a few more positive results to show for it.

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  1. It's very special indeed that CD, Di. How wonderful! Commiserations on the rejections, but, like me, you're doing the right thing by repitching them elsewhere.

    It truly is Fabulous February!

    Julie xx