Thursday, 2 February 2012

Mobile Poetry

I bought this 'Fridge Poetry' years ago. I never put it on my fridge as my fridge is covered with fridge magnets from all over the places I have been to, so I stuck it on a metal tray ( my poetry tray) which works even better for me. It's mobile, so I can move it around the house, take it to a secret place and have my own little word game.

I love to move the words around the tray and see what comes up as a result.

I hadn't looked at my poetry tray for months. The words stuck there at the moment are the same as I left them over 6 months ago but on seeing them again I feel inspired. It's so great to play round with words.

Do these words inspire you? Perhaps you could add a few of your own to the mix? Have a go and see what you get.


  1. Hi Diane,
    I have got one of those that my wife bought as a Valentine`s present a couple of years ago. The trouble is that the words I want to use aren`t there and there are loads that I don`t even know what they mean! ;)
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  2. Hi John, yes I agree. I think there are many different versions out there too, some of which are not my cup of tea!

  3. Hi Diane,
    What a great idea with those "Fridge Poetry" magnets. Worth me thinking about. Although, did you realise that I have a 'talking fridge'? :)
    Anyway, whilst I am here, thought I should inform you that Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, has bestowed an award upon your kind self. She also reminds me that you are in no way obligated to acknowledge the award. We leave that up to you:) And now I shall go and watch the snow!
    In kindness, Gary

    1. Hi Gary and thanks so much for letting me know about Penny's award. I am thrilled to be the recipient of such an award. Many thanks to you and the modest little internet star! xx