Sunday, 26 February 2012

Time to grow some new ideas

This is a really special post for me as today is my 100th blog posting for Working 2 Write. I am also celebrating the final week of my 'Fabulous February' theme.

I had another wonderful week, even during my working hours as on Wednesday I had to go to a meeting in Birmingham. I went by car and then train and certainly got the most out of my journey by using it as a research opportunity. I love to listen to people and observe things. I saw so much when pulling in at all the different stations with everyone going about their own lives. It's so interesting and useful as I may need a station scene one day in one of my stories, so now I have some real experiences and feelings in that environment.

I also had my membership through for the Society of Civil & Public Service Writers, it's great to be part of something like this and I hope to submit work in the future to the quarterly magazine they produce.

The last few days I dug out a short story that was rejected by one publication and worked on it all weekend to send off to a different publisher. It's amazing when you start to edit work. I changed so much from the original, even the title, which is hopefully more fitting for my next possible market. So off that goes in the post tomorrow.

The highlight of the week was receiving some royalties from the ALCS. ( Authors Licensing and Collecting Society) It wasn't a huge amount but I was thrilled to receive anything. They are a wonderful society who collect royalties on the writers behalf. I even received payment for articles that were published a year ago! Such an incentive to get cracking and write some more.

I am in a real planting and growing mood at the moment. Just as the seeds and bulbs will be planted today in my greenhouse, I will also be growing more writing ideas over the next month.

Perhaps I shall name that marvelous March!

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  1. Such a positive post, motivates me to keep going, Di! xx