Sunday, 19 February 2012

Your message was undeliverable

Isn't it dreadful when you find the courage to pitch an idea to a big magazine, you spend hours just working on the pitch but when you hit the send button it comes back as undeliverable.

I just sent an email to the editor of a very big magazine to pitch an idea for an article. I got butterflies as I was writing it. I could hardly press the send key. I had to print it off and take a break before I did send it and when I did, the flipping thing bounced back saying it was undelivered. Apparently their inbox is full - Ughhh!!

Nevermind, now I have done it once, I shall try again.. and again... and again..

Positive thinking I tell myself, it hasn't been rejected yet (well not by the editor, just cyberspace having some fun )


  1. I had that message all last week from a national title and wondered if it was because there was an attachment. Tried again without the attachment but still no joy. Does seem a poor show.

  2. Maybe it's because it's the weekend and they have a back log of unopened e-mails - might get through tomorrow as their in-box is emptied!

  3. Hi Diane,
    Great attitude! And beyond the cyberspace and a full inbox, lies that positivity you so hope for.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend :)